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Paintless Dent Repair Training
Student Testimonials
(100's of them..)

paintless dent removal training

And 100's more- here's just a few:

CHRIS FILL - Glass Direct AZ
"Brian got us setup to do dents
for our stores and we are now
fit for battle."

STEPHEN KING - Lonestar Mercedes
"I highly recommend Brian for
PDR Training and am available if
anyone has questions about the training"

"I know after doing my research that
Brian and SAI are legit and got exactly
what I needed."

ROLFI DeAza - Miami Nissan
"The training was hard but I
can now do dents and realize Brian
is the reason for my success."

LAURE COPELAND - Calgary, Canada
"I was trained by another school
but was never shown how to do bodylines
or creases or advanced glue pulling"
I am now an advanced PDR Tech

"I drive a truck and needed more
time with my kids. Even though I speak
Russian I was able to understand Brian
and can now quit my truck driving job"

JOHN/ TIM CHANG- Taipei, Taiwan
"Brian was caring and took the necessary
time with us and the translator to get us doing dents right.

PDR Training Calendar

January 2017- 3 spots OPEN
December- 1 SPOTS left Dec. 19th PROMO-Call

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Ready to learn PDR?

ONE on ONE, Intense, Hands on Instruction

SAI PDR Training with Brian Jump

Congratulations on your discovery of SAI Paintless Dent Repair Training!

PDR is a great opportunity for those who don't mind a little work to make a fantastic income and lifelong opportunity.
My name is Brian Jump and I started SAI over 20 years ago, servicing dealers, auctions, chasing hail and more.

We quickly grew and trained in house PDR Techs to help us serve our clients, and started manufacturing Paintless dent repair Tools and offering PDR training to the public soon thereafter.

After training our own techs I began to notice that people learn PDR best with a specialized and focus course. It takes patience and some hard work at first, but the results are nothing short of amazing.

I encourage you to read more about our specialized and hyper focused PDR Training today and call with any questions about how you to can become a successful PDR Technician!

Get trained by The Paintless Dent Repair Pro's

SAI PDR graduates are the best Paintless Dent Repair Techs in the industry and it all starts with our intense Paintless Dent Removal Training course and expert PDR instructors.

Brian Jump demonstrates PDR for students on a 1969 Camaro SS
  • Manufacturer Based PDR Curriculum
    Learning on all vehicle types.
  • Paintless Dent Removal Training Instructors with over 22 years real-world experience.
  • Small class sizes and Individual attention and care.
We GUARANTEE Your Training.

  • Your total training satisfaction or you don't pay. Period.
  • We guarantee you will learn to Perform the art of PDR
  • No one can match our students skills. It's the SAI ADVANCED TRAINING PROCESS.
  • We Make PDR Simple
    We offer the flexibility and convenience with our PDR Training you need regardless of your location or schedule.
    And after you graduate, we work with you to ensure your success.

    • Nationwide PDR Training locations to serve you close to home.
    • Locations include:

    • Texas

    • Ohio

    • Florida

    • Southern California

    • Other Satellite locations available- call for more info.

    • 1-3 week Paintless Dent Repair Training programs.
    • Paintless Dent Repair Training and tools and equipment package included.
    • Support services and career assistance after graduation.
    There is a huge opportunity in Paintless Dent Repair!
    Paintless Dent Repair is a multi-billion dollar business and it's easy to see why. Nearly every vehicle on the road is susceptible to dents and dings so potential customers are everywhere.

    • Car Dealerships
    • Auto Auctions
    • Hail Damage
    • Detailers and bodyshops

    Call us today at